Aredhel dazzles in white at charity gala

Gondolin, F.A. 258

The Annual Gala of the Gondolin Refugee Association is renowned for being a gathering place for the great and good of the Hidden City.

So it was no surprise to see Princess Aredhel last night, surrounded by a phalanx of admirers, stepping out on the red carpet and posing for quick pencil sketches. She dazzled in a white dress which was made from watered silk and delicately embroidered at the edges. The Princess accessorised with tasteful silver jewellery, imitations of which are already flying off the shelves, our fashion editor assures us.

In contrast to her outing last year at Lord Ecthelion’s begetting-day party, where the princess shocked guests in a low-cut transparent gown, Aredhel’s Gala dress was positively modest, featuring multiple layers, and half-length trailing sleeves.

Aredhel Ar-Feiniel by edarlein
© Ekaterina Kovalevskaya

The Gondolin Refugee Association has been criticised in the past for not living up to its mandate, and observers have questioned where the funds from events such as this go, given that Gondolin’s record of accepting refugees is – to date – nonexistent. The charity’s defenders argue that state policy makes it impossible for the GRA to actually take in refugees from Outside.


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