Horsing around: my wild fling with King Elessar

Ithilien, T.A. 3025

In an exclusive interview with The Times of Arda, Éowyn, Lady of Ithilien, has revealed details of her torrid affair with King Elessar of Gondor in the year 3019.

As is well known, King Elessar (or Aragorn, as he was known then), played a central and heroic part in the events of 3019, in which he helped defeat Sauron and assumed the kingship of Gondor and Arnor.

What’s less well-known, however, is that while he was staying in Rohan that year, he conducted a secret love affair with the beautiful Éowyn, the present King of Rohan’s sister.

Aragorn had actually been engaged to marry Queen Arwen since 2080, but the pressures of a lonely life as a Ranger obviously got to him; the lure of female companionship was too strong to resist.

I first met Aragorn in the mead-hall at Meduseld. I think someone took a picture of the moment, but for me the moment will be etched in my memory forever. I was handing round the traditional cup of welcome. As I handed the cup to Aragorn, our hands touched, and he raised his dreamy grey eyes to me, piercing me with his lordly stare. Later that day, as I walked past him, he slipped me a note, which read ‘Meet me tonight. Guest chambers. 2am’.

Love at first sight: This picture was snapped at the moment Éowyn gave Aragorn the traditional mead cup

Smitten with her mysterious guest, Éowyn entered Aragorn’s chambers as desired, with trepidation and excitement.

We had a mind-blowing night. I won’t go into details, out of respect for Aragorn’s wife, but let’s just say I don’t think anyone in Meduseld failed to hear what was going on that night! In hindsight, it’s quite amazing that no-one spilled the beans at the time. I think Aragorn’s companions were too dedicated to him to spread rumours about his personal life.

Their whirlwind romance continued for several months.

It was a magical time; we were madly in love. After Aragorn left Meduseld to continue his campaigning, we exchanged passionate letters and saw each other when we could.

But things changed the longer Aragorn was away.

I sensed that his feelings were starting to change. He was growing colder to me, we were meeting less, and he started muttering about dark hair and pointy ears when we did see each other. The last straw for me was when he whispered ‘Arwen’ into my ear during one night of passion. When I found out he was already engaged, I was shocked and horrified, immediately breaking things off.

So why has Éowyn only decided to tell the world her story now? And how does her husband, Prince Faramir of Ithilien, feel about this all?

I truly wish Aragorn the best in his new role as king and husband, but I’ve come to think that the public ought to know that their king is not quite the family man he presents himself as.  As for my dear Faramir – he’s a very modern, open-minded sort of man, and doesn’t mind my past in the least. In fact he was very supportive of me giving this interview, as he believes that hypocrisy in any leader – even the king – should be exposed.

Фарамир и Эовин-1
Devoted: Prince Faramir is totally supportive of his beloved wife Éowyn

When pressed for comment, the Gondorian Press Office issued the following statement:

The King categorically denies all allegations made in the offensive and spurious article to which you refer.

A private palace source, however, has suggested that there is more to the story than the king is letting on. Apparently, Elessar was suspiciously anxious about the article, and has tried to explain it to his wife as a case of jealousy and unrequited love on Éowyn’s part.

Only time will tell whether this particular skeleton will emerge any further from the King’s closet.



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