Migration of Men continues to rise

Officials at Prince Caranthir’s borders in eastern Beleriand have reported an increasing number of Men crossing into the elven realms from across the Ered Luin. A number refugee support organisations have been established recently and are active in the area. They assist Men in finding food, shelter, and in obtaining residence permits or organising onward travel. A spokeself for one such organisation said:

These Men who are arriving into Beleriand are refugees in the true sense of the word; they speak of horrors in the lands behind the Ered Luin, which we can presume are Morgoth’s work. We recognise that Men are our distant brethren, as fellow Children of Eru, and believe that with sufficient organisation and goodwill, there is room for all of us to cohabit peacefully in the wide spaces of Beleriand.

However, not all observers of the mass migration phenomenon have been so optimistic. One resident of Hithlum, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed concern at the flood of migrants.

Men are all very well, I suppose – in their own country – but they don’t belong here. Beleriand is the home of the Elves, not of Men. We are seeing approximately 100 men, women and children crossing our borders every single day. They carry diseases and perverse social habits; the men are universally brutal and the women are degraded. Men will disrupt the fabric of our society and dilute our unique Eldarin culture. The impact on the Eldar will be disastrous if governments do not start turning the migrants back at the border.

Of all the elven rulers, only Prince Caranthir offered comment, saying:

Men are, of course, complete savages – but I’ve seen they are good fighters (particularly the people of Haleth), so I’m happy enough to let them settle in my domains. They ought to provide a useful bulwark against Morgoth’s armies, though their usefulness remains to be seen, given their ridiculously brief lifespans.

© Wouter Florusse

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