Mordor: this year’s hottest adventure travel destination

Mordor, Fo.A. 3069

Just fifty years ago, Mordor was a barren wasteland, devastated by ecological collapse, war, and – not least of its problems – being official HQ for a hugely powerful evil spirit.

However, thanks to an intensive clean-up campaign by Sauron’s former servants (King Elessar of Gondor famously offered them a choice between prison and rehabilitative community work), Mordor has been transformed into an ethnically and geographically diverse region which is now welcoming its first tourists following an extensive marketing campaign.

The Mordor Tourism Board (MTB) has been heavily promoting ecotourism, and indeed most of the activities and experiences on offer are well-suited to people with an outdoorsy bent.

So what can you and your family expect from a holiday adventure in Mordor?

There are a number of geological wonders to visit, most notably the 5000-year-old Mount Doom, with its dramatic lakes of fire and fantastic views of the surrounding plains.

You can go hiking in the Ephel Dúath, which are 100% safe for tourists since community workers cleared the area of giant spiders and other evil creatures. Now, you can marvel at the sheer precipices and awe-inspiring valleys that were previously off-limits to all but kamikaze hobbits.

As you push deeper into the untamed wildernesses of Mordor, you will see the rejuvenated Sea of Núrnen, a huge inland sea in which you can go fishing, boating and snorkelling.

For history lovers, the ruins of the great fortress of Barad-dûr are now open to the public, along with a newly-built Museum of Repressions, which documents Sauron’s many atrocities in the region.

Mordor offers spectacular scenery and historical ruins

When to go:
Spring and autumn are the best times of year to visit, as the climate stabilises to a pleasant 24°C. Springtime sees the ground carpeted with wildflowers.

Where to stay:
Grishnákh’s Homestay, on the western shore of the Sea of Núrnen, offers comfortable log cabins, horse riding, and great hospitality from a local orc family.

Where to eat:
Mordor isn’t Arda’s top foodie destination, but we’d recommend the cafe at the Museum of Repressions, which does good cakes and decent coffee.

Package tours are available with The Middle Earth Adventure Co., starting from 5000 castars (based on two people sharing, 14 nights, half board).

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