Finrod ‘not-so-beloved’ mired in corruption scandal

NargothrondF.A. 464

Finrod Felagund, King of Nargothrond, is famously known as ‘The Beloved’ thanks to his popularity among all races in Beleriand. He has always cultivated an image of honesty, selflessness and wisdom.

However, in explosive new allegations, sources within Nargothrond are claiming that Finrod is in fact involved in a massive corruption scandal which reaches to the heart of the Nargothrond state.

One source, who wished only to be known as ‘C’, had this to say about the popular King:

Some months ago, Treasury officials discovered worrying discrepancies in the state budget. Funds which had been allocated to healthcare and education were mysteriously diminishing, without any corresponding expenditure.

It soon became obvious that there was serious embezzlement going on, probably at the highest levels. Someone was taking taxpayers’ money earmarked for crucial social services, and diverting it into a private fund.

Sierra Exif JPEG
In trouble: Finrod may be popular, but can he survive this corruption scandal? ©Ivanneth

Government corruption is hardly unknown among the realms of the Eldar, but how can these allegations be linked to Finrod specifically? A second high-placed source, also named as ‘C’, explained that:

As much as we would like to believe this is just the work of venal minor officials, there are distinct signs that Finrod is at the centre of this rotten scandal. In recent years, his private office has been spending large sums of money on unspecified items, and the origin of that money has not been accounted for.

On top of that, he has been unusually reluctant in Council meetings to allow investigation of the royal exchequer, even demoting councillors if they dare to press for more financial openness.

In what is perhaps the most damming piece of evidence of all, one of Finrod’s private secretaries (who calls himself ‘C’) has revealed that Finrod has been making nocturnal visits to the State treasury and withdrawing considerable amounts of gold bullion.

One prominent political commentator, who also wishes to be known as ‘C’, has argued that if these corruption claims are true, Finrod is not qualified to hold office, and should resign the crown to more suitable candidates, of whom there are at least two in Nargothrond.

Editor’s note to correspondent – check facts of article before publication. In particular: who are the sources? It’s a bit suspicious that all four are called ‘C’. Could this have anything to do with the Sons of Fëanor?

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