Gamgee’s Potatoes to acquire rival Entwife Farm Foods in £6m deal

Hobbiton, Fo.A. 58

Successful Shire potato export company Gamgee’s Potatoes is to acquire the assets of its struggling rival, Entwife Farm Foods (EFF).

Gamgee’s Potatoes (GP), founded by Samwise Gamgee in Fo.A. 17 to produce and export potatoes from the Shire area, has been doing very well in recent years. Contrary to some market fears, the business has continued to thrive since Mr Gamgee ceded day-to-day control of the company to his daughter Daisy Gardner four years ago.

Gamgee’s Potatoes is therefore looking to expand, and this takeover of Entwife Farm Foods fits the bill nicely.

Entwife Farm Foods, headquartered in the Brown Lands east of the Anduin, was a highly successful venture throughout the First and Second Ages until Sauron devastated the region, leaving crop cultivation near impossible. Since then, EFF has seen many management changes, none of which have improved the company’s lot. Entwives themselves have become scarce to the point of extinction, and last year the company filed for bankruptcy for the 15th time, leaving it ripe for administration or a takeover.

Ms Gardner of GP has the following comment on the takeover:

Gamgee’s Potatoes are known for growing first-rate Shire potatoes, which we export to most markets in north-west Middle Earth. The Board believes that now, following Sauron’s defeat, is the right time to expand our business and penetrate new consumer markets, particularly east of the Anduin in the Brown Lands. The acquisition of Entwife Farm Foods will play a key part in developing our future strategy in these directions.

It is understood that Sandyman’s Spuds, a family company run by the children of Ted Sandyman, erstwhile miller of Hobbiton, also wished to acquire Entwife Farm Foods, but was beaten to it by Gamgee’s Potatoes. There is a well-known rivalry between the descendants of the two agricultural business dynasties, dating back to the time Mr Sandyman colluded with Sharkey and Mr Lotho Sackville-Baggins during the Scouring of the Shire – an incident which the Sandymans are keen to forget.


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