Is there more to Beleriand’s most famous bromance than meets the eye?

Himring, F.A. 54

It’s well known that Prince Maedhros has long had a special place in his heart for his raven-haired rescuer, Prince Fingon. But is it simply brotherly love and affection, or are they actually star-crossed lovers?

Rumours have been circulating in Hithlum that Maedhros and Fingon are in fact in a romantic relationship, and have been so since the Years of the Trees in Aman.

A close friend of Maedhros has revealed to The Times of Arda that the two Noldor princes are ‘madly in love’. Fingon has been spotted  slipping into Maedhros’ chambers and staying all night, and eagle-eyed observers have reportedly seen the two friends emerge from the palace baths in a state of dishevelment.

Asked why this hadn’t all come out earlier (no pun intended), our source said:

Although this affair has been going on since Aman, Maedhros and Fingon were always very discreet about it. They’re both very private people. But since Maedhros’ imprisonment and miraculous rescue, I think they’ve decided to live in the moment and not hide their love anymore.

Hero: Fingon rescued Maedhros from Thangorodrim in an act of extreme daring
© Jenny Dolfen

Reactions to this gossip have been mixed, with distinguished historian J.R.R. Tolkien weighing in on the debate to say:

The very idea of homosexuality among Elves is preposterous. These rumours  are merely the product of the overheated imaginations of writers of the arcane genre of ‘fan-fiction’, most of whose proponents – I might add – are susceptible young females.

One can only wonder what Fingon’s father, the High King, will think of all this, since he is notoriously old-fashioned regarding same-sex relationships.

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