Thingol issues plea for foster-son’s return

Doriath, F.A. 485

King Thingol of Doriath has issued a heartfelt plea for his foster-son Túrin to return to Doriath, one month after Túrin fled the kingdom.

In details which have only just emerged from Doriath, it is reported that a month ago, Túrin got into a dispute with the king’s councillor Saeros, whom he then inadvertently drove to his death while chasing him through the woods. Fearing the king’s displeasure, Túrin fled, and his current whereabouts are unknown. However, on discovering that Saeros’ death was an accident, Thingol has forgiven Túrin and requests his return.

Thingol has sent out errand riders to all corners of his realm, bearing the following letter for Túrin:

Dear Túrin (NOT Neithan, Gorthol, Agarwaen, Mormegil, Turambar, or whatever you are calling yourself nowadays),

Notwithstanding the fact that you have always been a bit of an ungrateful brat, I would like you to return to Doriath with all haste. I find that I do actually miss you, despite all the evidence of your serious character flaws.

Most probably, it’s all just a massive guilt-trip to make up for how badly I treated Beren, the last Man to come my way…

But regardless of my motivations, I really would appreciate you coming home again. Menegroth isn’t the same without your brooding face at breakfast every morning.

I forgive you for everything: for chasing Saeros to his death; for throwing that cup of wine in his face; for that time you called Melian a “cranky old bint”; and even for all the sherry you have sneaked out of the cellars over the years (don’t think I didn’t notice)!

Yours in equal parts affection and frustration,


(King Elu Thingol of Doriath, etc etc.)

In addition, Thingol encourages anyone who might have seen Túrin, to report the time and place of sighting to him as soon as possible.

Report if you see him: A Doriathrin artist’s impression of how Túrin might currently look

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