United Socialist Republic of Dunland defeated in high-stakes court case

Edoras, Fo.A. 3089

This interesting case, heard in the High Court of Arda,  has centered around the legality of the establishment of Rohan in the region which used to belong to the Dunlendings.

The background of the case was that in T.A. 2510, Steward Cirion of Gondor granted the lands of Calenardhon to the Éothéod (ancestors of the Rohirrim), under the leadership of Eorl the Young, in return for their assistance at the Field of Celebrant against the invading Balchoth peoples.

Dunland contested that Gondor, as a foreign state, had no right to take the lands and give them to the Rohirrim, without so much as offering compensation.

The case acquired a particularly ideological edge, as Dunland – being Middle earth’s only socialist republic – resented the imperialist ambitions of Gondor, and the imposition of a monarchical state on their ancestral lands.

To quote a member of Dunland’s Politburo who spoke passionately as a witness at the trial:

We, the Dunlendings, were the first people in Middle Earth to set up a socialist state based on Marxist principles. Yet this glorious revolutionary fire was violently extinguished when those treasonous imperialist dogs, the Gondorians, decided to plunge our lands back into political darkness by unlawfully setting up a monarchist client state which re-introduced unjust feudalist hierarchies, abandoning the principles of universal education, literacy, and industrialisation, which were the core of our progressive agenda for Dunland. Now we are a forgotten people lingering in shadowed hills, while monarchical systems which perpetuate social inequality and corruption spring up like mushrooms around us.

Unfortunately for Dunland, the High Court of Arda ruled today that Calenardhon belonged legally to the state of Rohan. Whatever the original legal situation had been, by the Fourth Age it could reasonably be said that Rohan had earned possession of the region through uninterrupted use over the centuries.

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