Vanyar choir wins first ever All-Aman Choral Competition

Valmar, Y.T. 1486

A Vanyar choir, Voces Valmar, has won the first All-Aman Choral Competition.

Choral groups from across Aman competed for a spot in the prestigious finals, which were held at the foot of Taniquetil on the 25th day of Lairë.

Battling it out at the end were Voces Valmar, The Falmari Singers, the Tirion a Cappella Society, and the Eressëa Jazz Choir. The judging panel had eight members, consisting of the Lady Yavanna and a number of prominent elven musicians and music critics.

While the Falmari Singers were praised for the sweetness of their voices, the Tirion a Capella Society for the complexity of their music, and the Eressëa Jazz Choir for their spirited performance, the judges unanimously voted Voces Valmar this year’s winner. In the words of Yavanna:

Voces Valmar’s victory was well-deserved: the purity of their tone, the spiritual depth of their singing, and their excellent sense of ensemble are really unmatched.

One audience member who disagreed strongly with the result of the competition was Makalaurë Fëanorian, who opined that:

The Tirion a Capella Society was clearly the best choir in this competition (not that that’s saying much). They were the only group which even came close to producing intellectually stimulating music. As far as I am concerned, the Teleri’s whistling and piping, and the Vanyar’s religious sycophancy, put them far below the standard required to perform and create good music.

One might wonder whether Makalaurë was simply put out that he was not asked to be on the judging panel. The controversial decision (he is widely acknowledged to be the best Noldor musician) was probably down to politics, given the increasing distance kept by the Fëanorians from the rest of the Amaneldi.




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